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Hey guys, first off I just want to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes. It really meant alot to me to hear from all of you and know you cared. However, in an unexpected twist of timing, it seems I have a birthday present for all of you...

The Cleavage Crusader #1 is now available for your reading pleasure at the low, low price of COMPLETELY FREE!
So make your way over to the :iconexpansion-fan-comics: page, enjoy The Big C's first adventure, and don't forget to cast your vote in the Expansion-Fan Awards for your favourite comics, artists, and writers!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am an amalgamation of the darker sides of your nature.

There is nothing you can do to prevent the catharsis of spurious morality.


Clara Steele and The Boobs of Qetesh
Left for dead, an archaeologist takes up the offer of an ancient fertility goddess to have her revenge!

Hey, remember that "inconveniently timed writer's block" I mentioned in my preview for the first Fist of the Overflowing Hourglass? This is the script that got me through it.

Up until that point I was blasting out scripts one after the other no problem, resulting in the first two Cleavage Crusader stories, Professor When, and Becky's BIG Break. I was jotting down any idea that came to mind, and whichever stuck out the strongest in my mind were pushed onwards to completion. Then, because I love the genre so much, I tried my hand at a martial arts parody.

Unfortunately, this resulted in my first case of crippling writer's block.

For two months I agonized on the script for Overflowing Hourglass with nothing to show for it. I was climbing the walls in frustration. My editor eventually suggested I write something else. ANYTHING else, just as long as I was writing something.

Not feeling inspired by any new concepts I took a look through the stack of half-written scripts I'd abandoned over the last year. Here I came across two concepts I'd completely written-off: a riff on Stan Lee's Journey into Mystery #83 that I had given up for being too similar to the original material, and an Indiana Jones parody that I had struggled to work out a full plot for. I quickly realized that I could easily combine these two unusable scripts into one brand new story, fixing all problems I had with the previous drafts!

The resulting script was the first time my editor accepted a draft without any notes or revisions needed.

Furthermore, I had killed my writer's block dead. The final draft for Fist of the Overflowing Hourglass #1 was completed only a week or so after I had turned in Clara Steele.

Now, after a surprisingly long process developing the artwork, she is ready for release!

Written By: :iconvaleyard-vince:
Cover Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studios)
Interior Artwork By: ZhaoTong (Sedna Studios)
Cover Logo by: Studio GFX

Clara Steele & The Boobs of Qetesh is now available at this link!
Annie and Blow-Up Dolls 2: The Show Must GROW On!
They’re the biggest rock band in the world, but their manager Zander thinks they spend too much time on their side gig as amateur sleuths, and resorts to drastic measures to keep them in line…

Originally, this comic was a one-shot I had plotted out parodying the old Josie & The Pussycats cartoon (alongside all other Scooby-Doo rip-offs from that era) with the initial idea simply being "how do all those wacky adventures affect their ticket sales?" However, the idea was put to the side in favour of other projects.

Then the publishers asked me to team-up with Mac Rome on some projects. The idea was to create a couple unique comics between us, and experiment with rotating writing duties between issues to see if that would speed up the process at all.

After the first series pitched fell through, I presented my "expanding female rock band detectives" concept to much success. The only problem was that my pitch was a self-contained one-shot with very little left story-wise for the continuation. Mac then suggested making his issue a prequel to mine, specifically crafting a plot to set-up my script. Collaborating by e-mail while separately writing individual issues, the two of us were able to craft the series in amazing time.

Then the scripts sat, waiting for the perfect artist.

The one originally considered for the project vanished from the Earth shortly before the scripts were turned in, and the publishers had no suitable substitutes in mind. Months later, we approached popular expansion-fetish artist TLink with the possibility of drawing a comic for the site. There were a couple potential projects on the table, but I made a strong push to stop waiting for the other artist and submit both Annie scripts to him for consideration.

Thankfully, he said yes, and I got to see one of my favourite fetish artists bring my script to life!

Written by: :iconvaleyard-vince: and :iconmacromega:
Lineart by: :iconlakehylia:
Colors by: :iconross-a-campbell:
Cover Logo by: Studio GFX

Annie & The Blow-Up Dolls 2 will be available November 21st, 2015, at this link!

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